Erasing of History

Today is truly a sad day, the lost to civilization and future generations is to great to be understood. To be surprised by this unbelievable act of genocidal cultural hatred is naive at best. When the chopping off of heads, murder of innocent children, rapping of women and fundamental belief that all those who do not believe as they, are some how nothing more than chattel prime for slaughter, should we truly be surprised by anything. The truth is yes, because we represent a global culture of different beliefs but who ultimately believe in the same values… love of family, love of friends, love of what this world is capable of being and the desire to make it so.

The Destruction of Culture


Artists Won’t Be Silenced by Terror


In the aftermath of the Charlie Hedbo attack, artists and illustrators around the world answer the terrorist through art!

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hedbo attack, artists and illustrators around the world answer the terrorist through art!

In the coming days and months, the world will debate the events of Wednesday January 7, 2015 and questions will be asked. Did the artists, editors and staff of Charlie Hebdo go to far? Should they have listened when the French government asked them “to hold back” at times? Were some of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons offensive?

The problem we encounter when we start to concern ourselves with who will or wont be offended by this or that, is everyone and no one will be. That is why we must fight for people’s rights to make uncomfortable and offensive speeches. Once we start deciding what is appropriate speech or who and where critical viewpoints come from, we loose our culture. And by culture, I mean all cultures.

Ultimately there is only one question that truly matters: do you or do you not believe in freedom of speech. As an ardent supporter and lover of the arts my answer will always be yes, no matter how distasteful the speech or artwork might be. I do this not blindly, but knowing that one day it could be my speech, my work that people find distasteful.

Your Art Girl's ResponseOur tribute to the artists, staff, editors and family members of Charlie Hebdo:


Book cover

Wild From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail (New york: Vintage Books, 2012)

I fell in love with Wild and its author, Cheryl Strayed, whose fearlessly recounts her journey from self-destruction to survivor. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt lost and in need of some inspiration. I promise you will walk away changed by Strayed’s honest portrayal of personal loss, courage and renewal.

Synopsis: After her mother’s death sent her on a downward spiral, Cheryl Strayed left behind everything to hike the Pacific Crest Trail which spans from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State.

The trees were tall, but I was taller, standing above them on a steep mountain slope in northern California. Moments before, I’d removed my hiking boots and the left one had fallen into those trees, first catapulting into the air when my enormous backpack toppled onto it, then skittering across the gravelly trail and flying over the edge. It bounced off of a rocky outcropping several feet beneath me before disappearing into the forrest canopy below, impossible to retrieve. I let out a stunned gasp […]


What Do You Collect?

5 Reasons Why We Collect:

  1. Collections allow us to celebrate and savor major milestones.

  2. Collections create connections… think about it, how many times have you chatted with fellow collectors, friends, and even strangers about your collection!

  3. Collection communicate important things about who you are and what you value.

  4. Collecting challenges us… creating a thoughtful and well curated collection is no easy tasks.

  5. Collecting is good for the soul!

Look Who Collects What: